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Christmas is special for Dr. Paddy...
   Christmas holds special memories for one of Killarney’s most famous doctors.
Dr. Paddy Fuller will celebrate 57 years practice in Killarney this yuletide.
An accident with a shotgun when he was 16 years old which nearly severed his arm was the cataylist for his future career as a doctor “I spent the next six weeks in the Bon Secours Hospital in Tralee and witnessed an appendix operation which excited me so much, I knew immediately where my
future lay” he said.
Born in Glenoe between Tralee and Listowel the young Paddy would help his father to run a farm and a local shop where they sold everything from ‘a needle to an anchor’. They also kept thorough bred horses and Aberdeen Angus cows. “At 14, I used to go to Tralee with three carts and three horses and bring back a ton of meal on each in indian file and all on my own ... that was some feat I can tell you” says Paddy. “Our small shop fed half of North Kerry and we had great animal stock, but all I ever wanted to be was doctor”.
  In his 18th year Paddy was to meet his wife Eileen while preparing to go camping in Ballybunion with his friends. His chore of getting paraffin brought him to Jack Daly’s house where he set eyes on Eileen Lynch who was sitting around a turf fire. “She was so beautiful, it was love at first sight and the luckiest day of my life to meet her”. They immediately struck up a
friendship and married 7 years later on
September 9th, 1953 and recently celebrated their Golden Jubilee in Killarney with their six sons, David, Simon, Brendan, John, Michael and Declan and their extended family.
Paddy went to school in Kilflynn NS and St. Michael’s Listowel. He qualified as a doctor from UCC in July 1946 and his first job was locum with Dr. Collins in Rathmore. Later on he
participated in a special course in obstetrics in The Coombe Hospital Dublin. With the lure of bigger things in mind he soon set sail for England where he secured a job in Bury Royal Hospital outside Manchester.
“Getting a job in England was difficult in 1946 because the returning war doctors were getting all the jobs. But over a game of poker I got this brainwave....
Picture by Mary Susan MacMonagle
Michaelo Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones in Waterville and Ballybunion 1998
First Published 2003
Dr. Paddy and Eileen Fuller who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently
Neil Armstrong - The First Man to Walk on The Moon pic- tured in Ballybunion in 1998
Picture by Don MacMonagle
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Picture by Don MacMonagle
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Picture by Don MacMonagle
Picture by Don MacMonagle

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