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          Adrienne Morrissey Walsh won the Kerry News Magical Makeover 2015. Adrienne works as an Optical Assistant at Urban Optics in Scott Street, Killarney. Adrienne is married to Ronan and has two little boys, Oisin 6 and Fionn who is 18 months. As Adrienne & Ronan both work full time and with 2 small boys on the go, it is hard to get the time to be pampered! Taking full advantage of her makeover Adrienne & Ronan had a night on the tiles in Killarney. Adrienne said it was a truly magical experience and was so grateful to Gemma Kissane for nominating her.
Emer O’Neill, from Muckross was nominated by her sister Elaine Heelan for the Kerry News Christmas Makeover which was a really novel experience for this extremely busy full-time Mum to Michaela 16, Jack 12 and Emily 7. Married to Alan,
Emer is used to leggings & hoodies for running the kids to their different after-school activities. Emer is also an avid basketball player herself and is a member of Killarney Cougars team!
I think we will just let the pictures show you what a beautiful woman she really is.
 Model: Adrienne Morrissey Walsh
Hair: Killarney Hair Studio
Make-up Artist & Stylist: Susan Fox Photographer: Don MacMonagle
Fashion: MacBees • Jewellery: Adams Jewellers Footwear: Who’s 4 Shoes • Nails: Desire Nails, Hair & Beauty Eyewear: Urban Optics • Location: Killarney Plaza Hotel & Spa
Model: Emer O’Neill • Hair: Killarney Hair Studio • Make-up Artist & Stylist: Susan Fox Photographer: Don MacMonagle • Fashion: MacBees • Jewellery: Adams Jewellers Footwear: Who’s 4 Shoes • Mani & Pedi: Kasia of Flawless • Location: The Heights Hotel, Killarney
                    P OPULAR priest Fr Kevin McNamara is looking forward to his healthiest and most stylish Christmas for years after shedding an astonishing 6st 4lbs in just 99 days.
And to celebrate his incredible achievement, The Kerry News treated the affable Killarney curate to a style makeover just in time for the frenetic festive season.
Displaying phenomenal willpower, Fr Kevin has trimmed down from 22st 2lbs to just 15st 12lbs since he enrolled for a diet programme on August 19 last.
It substituted his daily food and drink intake with just two high- energy food replacement drinks a day, herbal teas and copious amounts of water.
“I’m delighted with the way it went and I’m feeling terrific,” said Fr Kevin who enhanced his return to fitness with long cycles, regular walks and frequent visits to the local gym.
He said he was inspired to tackle his long-standing weight problem when he renovated his late father’s house in Cooraclare, Co Clare and wondered would he have the health to enable him to spend time there in the years ahead.
“I put so much time and energy and money into the project but I was so out of shape I was wondering if I would ever get to spend any time there. It was then I decided to act,” he said.
He consulted his doctor and chemist and 99 days into his diet, Fr Kevin is feeling and looking great and he felt even better still following the Christmas makeover organised by The Kerry News.
First off on an action-packed day was a visit to top stylist Pat O’Neill’s Style Suite in the Brehon Hotel where Pat’s skilled crew gave Fr Kevin a complete and impressive new look in a grooming session that included the removal of his trademark beard.
A visit to Brian James Menswear on Main Street was next on the agenda and Fr Kevin was skillfully kitted out to enhance his new image with some sleek and stylish festive season garments.
“The whole experience was wonderful. Pat O’Neill and his team did a terrific job and it was fantastic to be able to go into Brian James and get clothes off the shelf. It was the first time in my adult life that I was able to do that as, usually, I would have to have my clothes made to order,” he said.
“Getting something off the peg to fit me was like winning my own mini All-Ireland. There was no cheering or clapping but I felt sensational,” he said.
Fr Kevin then swapped the confession box for the fashion ramp – for one hour only – to pose for photographer Don MacMonagle who captured the priest’s new look and new confidence with a series of terrific style shots.
But even though he has already lost so much weight and is feeling great, Fr Kevin insists he is not finished yet.
“It’s only half time. I have 99 successful days behind me and it has given me a good head start but I plan to ensure I keep the weight off and maybe even lose a little bit more going forward,” he said.
As for Christmas Day, Fr Kevin is looking forward to the traditional turkey and ham banquet but, perhaps, he will pass on some of the calorie-laden trimmings.
“I might make one exception. I love cranberry sauce and I’m going to indulge a little this Christmas. The only difference this year is that I will limit my portion to a small spoon
of the cranberry instead of the full jar,” he
“I’m really looking forward to Christmas. I might look better and feel better but I’m still working for the Lord and it is a wonderful time of the year to celebrate.”
Clothes: Brian James, Killarney
Pat O’Neill, The Style Room
Venue: The Brehon Hotel, Killarney
Photography: Don MacMonagle
                                                                   Interview: John O’Mahony

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