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  And Here’s your change....
 The local shop like the post office or the church was an integral part of Irish society where local people would congregate to chat and pick up their weekly provisions. Having cycled or ‘shanks mared’ their way to the shop they would share their smokes and banter before heading home with the bread and butter and maybe some animal dosages. Our picture above taken in East Kerry in the early 60’s shows the shopkeeper giving a receipt to his customer after ringing in the sale on a wind up cash register.While personalities have changed and the demise of the local shop is all but extinct, rural folk still support their local shopkeeper. Our picture shows how some products have changed with our lifestyles...note the twine hanging on the right, the combs, brown paper wrapped bread, bicycle pump attachments and, Duhallow flour. These were the days when ice-cream was sold in slices between two wafers, biscuits were individually weighed and fags could be bought in ‘ones’. Other Products on the shelf which are still on sale today in similar packaging include Kelloggs Corn Flakes, Birds Custard, YR Sauce, Lyle’s Golden Syrup, Bachelors Peas and Fruitfield Jams. Yes, men in peaked caps will be oiling the chains of their bicycles now that an election has been called for early next year ! (Photo: MacMonagle photo library)
 100 Years A Puffin!
 100 Years A peelin!
 100 Years A drinkin!

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