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Kerry’s most famous magician Sylvano performs his tricks in Aghadoe in 1987
Paudie O’Connor RIP, working in a Killarney shop in 1978. Paudie was Mayor of Killarney and arguably Ireland’s greatest ever basketballer.
Former Kerry footballer Mick O’Connell takes his son Micheal out to his fishing boat off Valentia Island in 1983. Mick was probably Kerry’s greatest midfielder and was elected as an independent councillor on Kerry County Councillor.
    Daniel MacMonagle was born of
Irish emigrant parents in
Philadelphia USA, raised in
Rathmullan, Donegal and at the
age of 17 emigrated to work as a
photographer’s assistant in
Glasgow, Scotland before
retuning to Ireland and setting up
in Schull, Castletownbere and
Skibbereen before establishing
his own business in the emerging
tourist town of Killarney in
1913. He specialised in
scenic/tourism and media
photography. He published The
Kingdom Newspaper from
1922-1925 which was later
relaunched in 1981 by other
family members. His three sons
Donal, Louis and Harry were all
well known press photographers.
Donal worked with The
Connaught Tribune, The Irish
Press, The Limerick Leader, The
Kingdom, The Kerry People and
The Kerry News. Louis with The
Cork Examiner while Harry was
the first staff photographer with
The Kerryman and subsequently
staff photographer with The
High upon a tall Evergre Daily Express in Manchester.
nestled amongst the spikey
Paddy is well known as a
prinpter,ches pauwblisheerowl. Sanhde is
far and wide in the animal
photographer and along with his
brother Sean owned Killarney
Her glowing orange eyes h
Printing Works. A lot of the
many things, and are f
photos in the exhibition feature
the worknoofwthledthgired.gSehneraitsioknind
of MacMonagle’s, Don
generous, offering sound a
MacMonagle, Eamonn Keogh,
those in need, especiall
Riona MacMonagle and 4th
generation SaCllyhrMisatcmMaosnatgimle.e.
The exhibition features many
One crisp December day, a
aspects of Irish life, and famous
arrived at the tall Evergre
faces include Charlie Chaplin,
“Are you there, Owl?” He
Tom Cruise, Mick O’Dwyer and Paidi O’Se, Charlie Haughey,
Cliff Richard, Ted Kennedy,
Bill Clinton and Hugh Grant.
with a sigh.
“Hello, Fox,” said the owl
Tiger Woods, Michael Douglas,
can I help you with?
AdTmhisesiofonxisloFoRkEeEd. up at the o a relieved smile. “I need y
MacMonagle - A Century of Photography 1913-2013
College Street butchers John Fleming & Andrew Hickey in the 1950’s. Bill Clinton in Ballybunion 2001
The Wise Owl
to himself.
A week later, the fox returned to the tall Evergreen tree on Christmas Day. “Are you there, Owl?” he called.
“Hello, Fox, Happy Christmas!” replied the owl.
“Oh Happy Christmas Owl. Ah..., Can you come closer, Owl? I can barely see you.”
The owl shuffled along the branch, closer to the fox. “Can I help you
 ‘A Century of Photography’
an exhibition by ten MacMonagle photographers will exhibit again in the Killarney Library from the 9th December to mid January as part of the Christmas in Killarney programme. Spanning four generations since the foundation by the late Daniel MacMonagle in St. Anthony’s Place, Killarney in 1913.
thoug “Yo
nearby. until su
stickin breat yo
“Tha The fo thrille
ht u
g he r n x
. “I have a plan,” she said. must go to the lily pond
Walk slowly into the water, ou are almost completely
erged. Leave your nose out, of course, so you can
. The fleas will drown and
skin will feel soothed.”
k you, Owl,” said the fox.
did as he was told and was to be rid of the pesky fleas.
His coat was clear and shiny. “That
    en tree, leaves, known
smart,” he But soon the
another proble tall Evergreen t
ull of and
“What can I he Fox?” she “Well, Owl, I al
d to himself. lucky fox had
e returned to the and called out for
b “I w fantast
you with today, sked kindly.
help with.”
“What is that?” said the owl suspiciously.
“I cut my foot while being chased,” said the fox. “It is a very deep wound. Would you come down and examine it?”
The owl took one step backwards and said, “You arrived here with a spring in your step, and looked
have h
,. n barely hear you.”
shifted further along the ch, to the very edge.
d to thank you for your dvice,” said the fox. “You
  Louis MacMonagle, The Cork Examiner,
three brothers among Ireland’s greatest photographers on assignment at a Munster Final in 1964
dvice to y at
into the dogs’ t being chased. I can tell if there The owl swivell thought. She
tired fox en tree. asked
. “What
branch, closer quite simple rea
The MAC’s on camera
sharp growls in the distance. He
darted off quickly, away from the
danger. “That owl really is clever,”
he said to himself.
The next day the fox returned to the
tall Evergreen tree yet again.
“Hello, Owl,” he greeted.
“Yes, Fox?” said the owl in a
somewhat tired voice.
“I am sorry to bother you again,”
said the fox, “but I have another
problem and I don’t know what to
do. I am covered in fleas. I am
terribly itchy. My coat is sore and
raw. I can’t get rid of them.”
The Owl shook her feathers, deep in
Louis MacMonagle, The Cork Examiner - Harry MacMonagle, The Daily Express, - Donal MacMonagle The Irish Press
ays seem to walk ps. I am tired of here some way I danger ahead?”
her head, deep in uffled along the
o the fox. “It is
,” she said with a
,. ”
forest by a pack of dogs. I barely times and listen carefully. If there threatening tone.
escaped. This is the second time in are any dogs in the area, they will The owl took another step
the past week. They are getting surely bark in response. This will backwards. “No, of course not.
faster. What can I do?”
The wise owl blinked her eyes slowly, deep in thought. She shuffled along the branch, closer to the fox. “Here is my advice, Fox,” she said in a husky voice. “The next time they chase you, you must lead them off the trail. You are faster than them, so you can trick them. When you are out of sight, gather up your energy and leap high off the ground in a different direction. This way, your scent will have stopped where you jumped, and you can run away with ease.” The fox was very pleased. “Great thinking, Owl, thank you,” he said. It wasn’t long before the poor fox was being chased through the woods again. Remembering the advice that the owl had given him, he leaped high in the air away from the dogs, leaving them far behind
and confused. “That owl really is
tell you that it is dangerous and that you mustLouis MacMonagle, The Cork Examine leave swiftly.”
Stretch out your foot, Fox. My eyesight is the best in the land, I can see perfectly well from up here. The fox kept his foot hidden. “Forget it!” he said disrespectfully, and turned to leave.
“Oh, Fox, how sad you have made me,” called the owl. “You think you can outsmart me, the wisest in the land? I helped you with all your troubles, and this is how you thank me. I will not come down off my tree to be your Christmas dinner. Shame on you!”
The fox blushed with embarrassment and ran from the tall Evergreen tree. The wise owl is still perched in the same place, continuing to help those in need. However, those who are dishonest and ungrateful will not share in her knowledge.
The End
“Thank you, Owl,” said the fox.
Later that day he was looking for
some food near the lake. He hid
behind an old boat, barked three
times, then listened. The fox
jumped with fear when he heard two
    ave seen
Charlie Nelligan heaviest baby ‘55 Stocking up for Christmas
by Jerry Mulvihill with something? she said. KLM plane crash at Shannon Airport 1954
Christy Ring Cork Hurler 60’sree
ante ic a
sai un m. H
Owl ran
the wise owl. lp
there is one last thing I need your
a w ra st
is ed sh
t lly
bm u
Owl really is marvellous
he said
“Please come a bit closer Owl I ca
elped me so very much. But
 wl with our help. I have just been chased through the
approaching the woods or with an injured foot.”
” High St, Killsaornfteyc1o9o5.0’“sThe next time you aTreaining thqeuKiteerrhyaTpepamy. iNn tohte t1h9e50m’s ood of one
Christmas in Killarney Photographic Exhibition
somewhere dangerous find a safe place to stand then bark a few
The fox became serious “Are you calling me a liar? he said in a
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